e District

The RED RIVER, ATCHAFALAYA & BAYOU BOEUF LEVEE DISTRICT hereby notifies all landowners of policies and procedures in regards to the levees.

Any activities within 300 feet from the toe of the levee and all structures to be built within 100 feet from the toe of the levee must obtain a permit. Activities include but not limited to electric, water or gas lines, direction drill, soil borings, hauling, excavation, digging, bar pit crossings, ramps, water wells within 1500 feet.

All new and existing cross fences must have a cattle guard, no exceptions.

All fences and cattle guards must meet RRABB specifications and obtain a permit.

Anything done without a permit will be removed by RRABB

We are greatly concerned about the abuse to our levee system. Violations include but not limited to the following:

Destroying the surface and the slopes of the levee with vehicles riding are prohibited

Littering with garbage, carcasses and other debris

Visit our Maps page to view .pdf documents highlighting the more than 273 miles of levees within our jurisdiction.

As a result of inquiries from concerned citizens, regarding the abuse of our levee system, the RRABB Levee Board hired two levee patrol officers to enforce the statutes availablehereon our website.

With the cooperation of the District Attorneys Office and Sheriffs Department, the statutes will be strictly enforced.  We ask the cooperation of all citizens to abide by these standards so that our levees can provide the maximum flood protection they are designed to withstand.

Click here for the first issue of RRABBs Newsletter

Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 10 Calvert Drive, Alexandria. For more information please call .

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