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Moisture balances for the high level performance in quality control, production, incoming inspection and receiving applications. Moisture determination in raw materials, intermediates and finished products are key factors in delivering a consistent uniform product in production applications. TheSartorius MA35offer the greatest value and Sartorius is legendary for building some of the best moisture analyzers in the industry. If you are trying to determine moisture in hygroscopic materials like plastic resins and trying to lessen defects in molded plastics parts only recommend theAND Weighing MS-70. We offer a large selection ofmoisture analyzer disposable weighing pansand also thefilter pads.

Sartorius MA35 is extremely popular with wastewater treatment facilities. WWTP utilize electronic digital moisture balances like the Sartorius MA35 to free wastewater operators from performing gravimetric drying method using a standard oven and balance. Automated moisture determination instruments like the MA35 from Sartorius enable operates to make their rounds. Additional applications could be in paper mill industry for black liquor applications. If you are transporting sludge you want to k[Read More ….]

Sartorius MA160 moisture analyzerCapacity: 200g

The MA160 Sartorius moisture analyzer offers 200 gram weighing capacity with 1 milligram or 0.01% readability. The MA160 is packed with additional feature that the Sartorius MA37 does not offer. Youll find a SD card port on the left side of the moisture balance. The SD card is not included but you can purchase this at most stores the offer computer memory cards. You can define the sort order of the created methods in the menu and export the created methods to or import them from an SD card. The[Read More ….]

A&D Weighing MX-50 Moisture BalanceCapacity: 51g

A&D MX-50 moisture analyzer offering the latest in weighing technology implementing the Super Hybrid Sensor with moisture balance features that outshine the competition. A&D MX-50 (51g x 0.001g) determines to 0.01 percent moisture, 50-200C in 1C increments, 50 Memory ID, RS-232 interface and standard WinCT software included.

Uncompromising rapid moisture measurements are only a click away when you you select A&D MX-50 moisture balance. Top notch performance meas[Read More ….]

The MA37 replaces the prior Sartorius modelsMA35and MA30. There is also anew Sartorius MA160(replaces MA45,MA150) that offers additional features to the MA37.

A&D Weighing MF-50 Moisture AnalyzerCapacity: 51g

AND MF-50 (51g x 0.002g) determines to 0.05 percent moisture, 50-200C in 5C increments, 20 Memory ID, built-in RS-232 and standard WinCT software.

The innovative Heat Chamber houses a 400 Watt Halogen heating lamp producing fast and accurate results aided by its uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) Filter, which serves to radiate heat uniformly, protect the lamp from spatter from the sample under test, and provides a Progress Monitoring Window.[Read More ….]

Sartorius Moisture Balance MA35-FDACapacity: 35g

This moisture analyzer is widely used in food research facilities. Typically, moisture deteriorates foods and having a better understanding of the moisture content is critical for quality control purposes. Moisture levels are also critical for animal feed and dog food producers to maintain quality control. Additional applications would be to determine the amount of moisture in seafood such as scallops, ensuring that customers are paying for scallops that are not saturated in water. USDC inspecto[Read More ….]

Ohaus MB35 moisture analyzer features a maximum sample capacity of 35g, with a readability of 0.002 grams and repeatability to 0.02% for samples 10 grams or greater. The intuitive software establishes a simple user interface with simple 3 key navigation for easy setup. The MB35 offers a straight forward one step testing procedure. The moisture balance LCD display shows % moisture, actual weight, and actual temperature and test time.

Ohaus MB45 moisture analyzer has a weighing capacity of 45 grams, with a readability of 0.001g and repeatability to 0.015% when using a sample greater than 10 grams. An integrated database stores up to 50 drying procedures for maximizing productivity, simply recall the test from memory and begin. Use the statistical function for simple tracking and recording of standard deviation over time, the MB45 does all the calculations and provides the end result.

A&D Weighing ML50 Moisture AnalyzerCapacity: 50g

Low cost ML-50 moisture analyzer is ideal for many wastewater applications when youre on a tight budget. This moisture balance provides a rapid and accurate method for moisture content and dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. In research work, as well as in manufacturing and quality control applications it is essential to be able to determine moisture content simply and reliably. Take a closer look and see the all the specifications by scrolling[Read More ….]

Ohaus MB25 moisture balance combines high quality durable construction and easy one button setup and is ideal for operators of all skill levels. This Ohaus moisture analyzer offers flexibility for any budget and features a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g weighing capacity with a readability of 0.005g/0.05% and halogen heating.

Ohaus MB25 basic moisture analyzer combines high quality and durable construction into a sleek, compact design. The Ohaus MB-25 moisture determ[Read More ….]

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