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Most bloggers and website designers understand how difficult it can be to attract visitors to a website. In fact, most websites have just moments to attract potential readers. Several factors contribute to how well a website attracts its readers. These factors include well-written headlines, interesting content and design quality. While all of these aspects are important, today we will focus on a very specific and sometimes overlooked element in a websites design: theRead moreorContinue readinglink that follows a headline or summary of an article. [Links checked February/11/2017]

Every website has its own way of asking readers to click on an article link. Some websites have very prominent links, others are a bit subtler. Either way, website and user interface designers have thought up some very creative and innovative ways of inviting readers to read on. In this showcase, we will present45 websites that have excellent Read more and Continue reading links in their design. Hopefully, these websites will serve as inspiration for your future projects or at least remind you not to ignore this important design element.

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Before we present the showcase, lets understand why Read more links are so important. They are important for several reasons, most importantly because they allow designers tocompress contenton the home page. By compressing content, you fit more content in less space. This means that readers can scan headlines more quickly and that you can fit more information above the fold.

Also, Read more links allow website administrators to moreeasily track the most popular content. Designers who put entire articles on the home page may make it difficult for website administrators to track the most popular articles and understand what users want to see.

The third and probably most practical reason for having Read more links on a website is money. Websites that monetize traffic understand that the more their readers click on links, the more likely they will look at and click on advertisements. Read more links candouble or even triple the number of page views a website receives, making it more attractive to advertisers.

Now that we understand why Read more links are so important, lets investigate some best practices for implementation.

By far the most popular method of presenting Read more links is with simple text. This is usually done with a link that is underlined, bolded, brightly colored and sometimes marked with a sign. Making text links on your website easily distinguishable from generic links is important and sometimes overlooked by designers.

When text alone wont do, consider adding an icon to your design. Icons are great tools in user interface design and can really help draw attention to a particular part of the layout.

If you really want your Read more link to stand out, use a button. Some websites have images or CSS-styled text. Just keep in mind that too many buttons can overwhelm the audience, so use them in moderation.

Seeing what everyone else is doing before you start designing a website is always important. You may want to know in order to conform to the current trend, or you may just want to buck the trend. Either way, putting your finger in the air from time to time to see which way the wind is blowing is valuable.

While researching material for this article, we discovered several interesting trends*:

Text-only links were used more than any other type of Read More link by a ratio of almost 2 to 1.

Most websites used the wording Read More or some variation of it.

Text-only links or text combined with an icon were used mostly on blogs, while buttons were used primarily on commercial websites.

*These observations are not scientific and reflect only the websites showcased in this article, not the Internet in general.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how best to display your Read more text. Clearly, you can entice readers to click on links in several ways, and some methods work better than others. In observing other websites, we found thatmany of them prefer to keep their links simple. Some websites have brightly colored links or bolded text, others have icons or even buttons to make their links stand out. Either way, designers prefer to keep their Read more text brief, with only one-third of them using some variation of the word Continue. There could be several reasons for this, the most likely being that the words Continue reading just have too many characters.

We also found that blogs were more likely to use text links, whilecommercial websites were more likely to use buttons. The reason for this isnt exactly clear, but owners of commercial websites may feel buttons attract users more to their products, while publishers of text-heavy blogs prefer to keep things simple, so as not to overwhelm readers.

In the end, you are limited only by your creativity and imagination. Do whatever works best for the website you are working on, and the design will likely work because of it.

Grant Friedman is a design enthusiast, author and blogger. Grants websiteColorburnedis a popular graphic design website that contains a huge library of design resources, tutorials and information. In addition, Grant is also an interactive and graphic designer with 10 years of experience. Follow Grant onTwitter.

Very nice article! I love to read the articles!!!

This article annoys me as it totally ignores accessibility guidelines.

Read more links are NOT accessible and offer no context to users of screen readers.

One important tip is also to customize the Read More with the type of content you are promoting and to adapt the call to action. (Watch the video, Read more about x)

Easily doable with wordpress using more Your custom call to action

For SEO purposes, add rel=nofollow to Read more link and be sure the title has a link to the page, a bit obvious but sometimes there is not a link in title what means a big error as you dont want to rank for read more at search engines, you want to rank for the nice keyworks in title-link

I changed the link text on my site from read more to Continue reading [post name] for accessibility reasons. You cant have a bunch of links on the page with the same link text all going to different targets. But as well as the added accessibility I just think it looks better and makes a lot more sense.

I try to ensure that I use the title attribute too on the link and put the full article title in there.

If youre putting the full article title in the link itself and removing part of it with an offset spanandputting the same title in the title attribute too, then you may be forcing screenreader users to hear the same piece of content twice. Better to just use the hidden span method without the title attribute.

Maybe where youre from, but where Im from one, no-one uses «» for quote marks.

agree with others, read more could be substituted for something more descriptive, for SEO, plus seeing Read More ten times on a page can be very dull. If link style is clearly defined in a site there should be no need to continually be instructing people to click here, they will aready visually know what a link looks like.

And if you are blind and let your screenreader summarize and read the links of the page, you will hear Click to continue , Click to continue, Click to continue, Click to continue. Very helpfull, indeed. No, those links are not very helpfull. And if I have a heading and a huge image it is not very likley I will need a click here-link.

It should be pointed out that Read more and alike are not SEO friendly, and should be substituted with something more Google-readable phrases.

Nice round up! I know I need to work on my blogs read more since it seems some of my readers occasionally dont realize theres more to read!

@Jens I understand how irritating the repetition of click to continue might be to someone using a screen reader. Im curious what alternatives there are to signal to someone who is sight-impaired that a story continues beyond the initial summary?

Viget was the only site that did their links in a way that was both accessible and SEO friendly. The rest of this article really missed the boat by showcasing a linking technique that isnt suggested.

Hmm, good round-up, however as a designer I would say that the persuasive composition of the page should lend to the continue reading link; as its not a standalone element, it should be a final focal point.

In many cases there really isnt any need for the link, since the whole article should be visible on the first page. Publishers just want more page views to sell more ads and require users to click through pages multiple. Take for example Lifehacker, Engadget and TechCrunch and compare those to Boing Boing.

This was something that I definitely at this when designing my blogInspect Element. I went with a big, simple button with the excerpt text fading away just to make things clear.

Jens, Carlo and Ani are pointing at it: for SEO purposes, a pure text-link should always include a bit of information about the linked-to content.

Otherwise another great article, thank you, Grant.

As stated above, the copy you use here is surely more important than the styling? Im guilty of using Continue reading on my site (will change ASAP).

Something likeContinue readingDesigning read more and continue linksperhaps has more impact as well.

@Jens I understand how irritating the repetition of click to continue might be to someone using a screen reader. Im curious what alternatives there are to signal to someone who is sight-impaired that a story continues beyond the initial summary?

A simple way to do this would be to include the article title within the linked text, as Viget do in the example above Continue reading Unfuddle User Feedback. This method differentiates between links, and gives a user with assistive technology an indication of where the link leads.

One solution can be to do something like Read more [span]on article title[/span] and then style out the fully qualified part (in this example in span tag). I try to ensure that I use the title attribute too on the link and put the full article title in there.

I prefer over », and hate when designers use

Though if header links to full article, sometimes better not to place «read more» link at all.

I agree with Bryan. Telling your users to click on anything is an outdated web practice. People understand what a link is. If there is truly a need for you to tell people where to click, then you didnt design your link/button in a clear manner. Think of it this way when youre reading a book, it doesnt say turn page here. People are familiar with these concepts by now.

The SEO advocates bring up a good point with using better words (keywords) for links rather than more or continue, but if the rest of your site has quality content I dont think this matters much.

The choice of words also matters quite a bit. I think just Read more sounds better

and simpler than continue reading or read the rest of this story or click to continue.

Could be interesting to add a poll, asking which copy is preferred for leading into a post/article. Read more, continue reading, full post, continued, Click for more ect

really nice collection, specially I like the icon way to put read more option in webs.

But I will go with, Viget style as it is more accessible than other styles

I dont really like Read More links. I prefer clickable headlines with a short (i.e. a sentence or two) below. This format makes the content easier to scan and the link easier to click.

Hi Grant, thanks very much for featuring my site amongst your choices. Ive gone ahead and changed it as a result, and now use the post title instead of un-descriptive text. Much better (but sorry to deem your screengrab out-of-date so soon).

The rest of this article really missed the boat by showcasing a linking technique that isnt suggested.

Im not sure I agree what the article was succesful in doing was opening a discussion in to best practises when using read more links. The fact that accessibility and SEO techniques is being discussed surely makes the article a success?

As a few other people has mentioned earlier, the Read more links are not SEO-friendly nor are they good from an accessibility standpoint. A much better way to do it would be marking it up as following and hiding the span with CSS:

Read more spanabout Article Name Here/span

Maybe where youre from, but where Im from one, no-one uses «» for quote marks.

Go to start run and type in charmap.

Look for those characters in the list. If you do, youll notice in the description that says Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark and Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark respectively.

Agree on SEO and accessibility points. This is basic, and essential. SmashingMagazine should know better! Good design ideas, though. Andy, great input, thanks!

Vidget has the best example for SEO and screen readers. They include the article title name in with the Click to read link

I think I saw a study a couple of years ago that showed that adding a word to an anchor text that commands the user to do something gets a higher click-through rate.

For example: Click to read everything about the latest iPod visible to only loyal customers. This is an old truth in banner advertising.

Bonus: Our dear usability guru Jacob Nielsen says that longer link texts are better than shorter becouse a lot of people only reads the headlines and the links.

Im sorry, but whats new? Its always been like that: a standing-out text link, or an icon, or a button.

Nice article, but I would expect some deeper analysis, such as when and how and where to place the links, whats wrong and whats right etc. instead of just a bunch of screenshots.

I dont see any reason for make it longer than continue reading. It is simple and straightforward. Click to continue, Read the rest of this post or Continue reading Designing read more and continue links contain unnecessary and confusing text that is hard to scan. Why changing the obvious?

Only I would agree with Andy (35) on adding a hidden span with more details.

Not sure that Jillian is right in thinking that this is like reading a book: when youre reading a book, it doesnt say turn page here. This situation is more what you would come across reading a magazine, where an article is often continued on a page towards the back of the publication and there will be a jump line giving some variant of continued on page __.

And, books typeset before the latter half of the 19th century would often place the first few words of the following verso in the bottom right margin of the recto to help the reader follow the sense while turning the page.

Haha I like how the Lost and Taken site stole s little digg guy for their author icon. Looks like all they did was make his arms a few pixels longer.

Look for those characters in the list. If you do, youll notice in the description that says Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark and Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark respectively.

Still, double-angle quotation marks arent commonly used in English-speaking countries, which is the original point that had been brought up.

Our dear usability guru Jacob Nielsen says that longer link texts are better than shorter becouse a lot of people only reads the headlines and the links.

how to design read moreon wordpress??

Read more seems to have manifested itself as a kind of convention, but as more of you have pointed could work better with SEO and screen-readers. Well in our company we have found that a pattern taking the Read and combining it with something significant works well. E.g. Read more about xxxx, Read about xxxx and thus, only using the good old simple Read more, when we really do not have space for more. Might be an idea for others?

Another chance missed to promote accessibility in an area where so many sites fall down (Read more, Continue etc.). Taking Joachims point above, you can have read more about XXX but have the about XXX in a span hidden off-screen with CSS (though *not* using display:none or visibility:hidden). That way screen readers will still announce the contextual part of the link, but sighted users dont see it on-screen. Andy has the code (comment 36).

@Pheonixhart are you new to Smashing Magazine? You wont get deeper analysis here.

Well, thanks for the examples, but the article doesnt say anything other than look heres a bunch with text and look heres a bunch with an image.

It wouldve been more interesting if youd talked about what text to use (and why), if its really needed, etc

A good idea would be to put the read more link in the bottom right instead of in the bottom left corner. This, I think, would make it easier for the user to find it.

Design To Sell: 8 usefull Tips To Help Your Website Convert

Shame to see an article from a supposedly professional designer that didnt even acknowledge either the accessibility or symantic aspects of this technique.

Please Smashing Magazine do your due diligence youre an important source of information for web designers of all levels of expertise and that means you have a responsibility to get that information right.

There is a serious accessibility issue with this technique. Plain Read more links are a violation of the W3C accessibility standards:

Link text should be meaningful enough to make sense when read out of context either on its own or as part of a sequence of links. Link text should also be terse.

For example, in HTML, write Information about version 4.3 instead of click here. In addition to clear link text, content developers may further clarify the target of a link with an informative link title (e.g., in HTML, the title attribute).

Its ok to use Read moreifwe also include additional information about the link just including a title attribute is not enough; I recommend the below method where you use CSS to hide the rest of a Read more link from sighted viewers, but show it for users using screen-readers. That way everyone wins and its only a tiny bit more effort on the designers part.

@Lindsey Thomas Martin Your magazine article analogy is a poor one. Obviously a magazine would tell you where the story continues if its not on the following page. Otherwise youd have to just flip through and guess. With a link, its not like they wont know what to do with it if it doesnt specifically say click me. Providing users with obvious instructions just creates textual noise. Give Steve Krugs Dont Make Me Think a read.

Very good article, also I am appreciative of the 404 error page you offered, as a good friend of mine mistyped a shortened link, but instead of seeing such a bland and basic screen instead I was educated in how best to present 404 error pages so thank you for that. Also I will have to look more at this on my own site, as it makes sense and indeed it is better to have many articles in one place then to many everywhere else. I do wonder though how it could be setup up on wordpress domain besides using a theme that provides it. Look forward to hearing more from you and this site in the not to distant future.

Thank you so much for your help. Im currently re-designing this website: Reading Heating Engineers

and am looking in to how to customize all parts of the posts. I love the examples which includes icons, Im sure to go with this for my website. It shouldnt take me too long to have the new website up and running.

Thats very interesting but do you have a tutorial on how to add a button and style the more tag for WordPress users?

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The BEST Healthier Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Meet our new favorite breakfast casserole. This healthier hashbrown casserole has it all: its easy to make, absolutely delicious, AND it contains veggies! A great breakfast for a crowd or a family brunch. Im thrilled to share this hashbrown casserole

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New Balance kids is a global athletic products company concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete. From footwear, toclothing, and even to accessories,New Balance shoescontinues to set itself apart from the competition. New Balances kids products incorporate the same superior footwear andathletic apparelstandards found in theNew BalanceAdult products.New Balance kidsshoesfocuses on improving technology and production methods to ensure the best fit for theirshoesand apparel. New Balance kids offers youth an extensive width and sizing availability for their vast needs. Shock absorbing materials and moisture management systems are also offered to increase the quality of theNew Balanceproducts.New Balancebelieves that kids especially need good qualityshoes. New Balance kids offers support, stability, balance, control, comfort and protection that children need. New Balances quality is found all the way from infant to youth, and is sure to improve athletic performance. New Balance Kids products are clearly a step in the right direction.

My 3 y.o. has to wear extra wide and there arent many options. These are fitting well and holding up nicely. Weve also bought sauconey brand before and these are a lighter weight material which has been good for summer. Only complaint is the strap is really thin and can easily get twisted leading to frustration for the little one learning to put their ownshoeson. But for fit these have been great!

They are so cute but get a size bigger than your baby is wearing. They run small.

Excellent shoe. Has held up well thru summer play! True to size and no complaints!

Brought these for both of my boys and they loved the fit and how easy it was run in them!

Great shoe. Bought for my 12 y/o son in Red and he loves them! Worn for 6 days ofhikingin Yellowstone and never complained of feet hurting.

My 2 year old loves them but theVelcrostrap is thin and flimsy and after a couple months the stitching is fraying pretty bad. Just went through a growth spurt so we need newsneakersnow anyway but i dont think these would get us through the rest of the summer.

My son loved his lightning fastshoes, but they lasted only 3 months before starting to unravel with the stitching. Not sure if my 4 year old is just especially rough onshoes, but these didnt last very long!

Awesomeshoes. My 5 year old daughter loves these guys. Great colors. Sleek and comfortable. Thumbs up.

I love thesesneakers. Im a petite adult (52 years old) with beginning foot bunion issues.New Balanceand this style in particular, are super comfortable. I am able to walk/run much longer without pain. Im getting a second pair as back-up.

My daughter wears AFOs and the only regularshoeswe can find for her to wear with them areNew BalanceXW. We have to size up from her non-AFO size, but theseshoesare perfect for this use. The quick shipping and return if needed are the biggest selling point for us. They usually have several styles in XW, so she has a choice. No going store to store in search ofshoesthat will work!

My grandson loved these colors and liked the idea of no laces to tie but they were cut high enough that they rubbed on his ankles. Also I noticed on the left shoe the elastic was more stretched out than the right. That didnt bother him and wouldnt have been a deal breaker if the shoe didnt rub his ankles but I didnt like the look

My daughter was complaining of foot pain so we tried these out. Shes very happy and likes the squishyinsoles. The colors are nice too she says. These come with a set of purple laces and a set of white laces. The sole material looks good and should last long.

The M width shoe was much narrower than average shoe of same size. Be sure to order W if you want a standard width. Sons average foot was too wide at the toe box. Shoe feels more stiff than most.

Dont buy very low quality product. The part between fingers ripped off from the green foam within a week of use. I wouldnt have expected a low quality product from NB.. I will not buy again.

Purchased for my 15 month old son. They were too heavy and stiff for him. He tripped all the time. The straps would come undone while walking.

Love theseshoesfor my toddler! They are so easy to get on and off since both strapsvelcroapart. I would highly recommend these for active little boys who insist on always wearingshoesbut who also dont want to sit still for long periods of time to let you put them on!

I ordered these to replace my seriously worn-out pair that I purchased five years ago. I hated to let go of my old pair ofNew Balance. But, these are just as comfortable straight from the box. I am just delighted with them.

I have mixed feelings about these because my son loves them, but they lack in quality/durability in our experience. Our first pair, the strap ripped from theVelcroin 3 days on bothshoes, so I thought we got a defective pair. Zappos was great to send us a new pair quickly. However on the second pair, the same thing happened in three weeks. If you look closely, youll notice its a single continuous stitch along the edges of theVelcrostrap. Thus, I think these might not be a good match for very active boys. He loves them and is asking I bring them to our cobbler to fix, but no one should have to do that with newshoes. We lovenew balance shoes, especially for wider feet, so were going to try out a different style: 680v3.

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We invite you to come to our store and experience the professional fit that only we offer. A highly trained New Balance Fit Specialist will gladly help you find your perfect fit and get you what you need to Make Excellent Happen.

New Balance began in the early 1900s and has grown to become a leading athletic products company.

Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.

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Visit our store and our Fit Specialists can help you find the best fit for your sport.

Whether youre running marathons, walking around the neighborhood, or simply upping your style, we have an unparalleled selection of footwear in a wide range of sizes and widths. In addition to footwear, we also carry accessories and apparel fit for nearly every activity. No matter what your goals are, our store has the gear youre looking for.

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Red Cliff – From Legendary Director John Woo – On VOD October 22nd In Theatres November 18th

new balance outlet online!Red Cliff is a legendary filmmakers visual symphony.

The spectacular battle scenes are the engorged heart of the delirious adventure. But Woo also gets maximum romantic value from Tony Leung as a war hero married to Chiling Lin as the tea-pouring beauty.

WATCHING RED CLIFF FEELS LIKE BEING IN THE PRESENCE OF GODS WHO HAVE MOMENTARILY DEIGNED TO WALK UPON THE EARTH. A grand, old-fashioned spectacle. It exudes a physical grandiosity that few movies of the past 20 years have attempted.

Red Cliff is one of those movies that begs to be experienced. It is poetry in martial motion that brilliantly gives huge battles a human scale. YOU CANT WATCH A FRAME OF IT WITHOUT FEELING THAT IT HAS BEEN GENERATIONS SINCE HOLLYWOOD TACKLED ANYTHING ON THIS SCALE.


A SCRUMPTIOUS WAR MOVIE with a cast of thousands of warriors, horses, spears and flaming projectiles.

GREAT FUN. THE SCALE IS HUGE. All 148 minutes are very enjoyable.

Breathtaking! Woo stages heart-stopping action and battle scenes on a scale that defies description.

THRILLING FILMMAKING! Red Cliff blazes across the screen with a sweep that most movies can only dream of.

RED CLIFF SCALES THE HEIGHTS. It balances character, grit, spectacle and visceral action in a meaty, dramatically satisfying pie that delivers on the hype.

Legendary action-cinema master John Woo and international superstar Tony Leung reunite for the first time since the 1992 classic HARD BOILED in RED CLIFF, the epic historical drama based on a legendary 208 A.D. battle that heralded the end of the Han Dynasty. RED CLIFF opens as power hungry Prime Minister-turned-General Cao Cao (Zhang Fengyi) seeks permission from the Han dynasty Emperor to organize a southward-bound mission designed to crush the two troublesome warlords who stand in his way, Liu Bei (You Yong) and Sun Quan (Chang Chen). As the expedition gets underway, Cao Caos troops rain destruction on Liu Beis army, forcing him into retreat. Liu Beis military strategist Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) knows that the rebels only hope for survival is to form an alliance with rival warlord Sun Quan, and reaches out to Sun Quans trusted advisor, war hero Zhou Yu (Tony Leung). Vastly outnumbered by Cao Caos brutal, fast-approaching army, the warlords band together to mount a heroic campaign unrivaled in history that changes the face of China forever. A massive hit in Asia and the most expensive Asian film production of all time, RED CLIFF is a breathtaking war epic that marks the triumphant return of John Woo.

RED CLIFF is the third film in Magnet Releasings Six Shooter Film Series V2, a series of six films focusing specifically on action cinema, featuring some of the most exciting action films available today from around the globe. RED CLIFF will be preceded by ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING and BRONSON, with three other films to follow over the coming months including DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM and THE WARLORDS.

At New Balance, movement is at the center of everything we do. Were looking for team members that are just as committed to moving our brands, people and company forward.

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At the New Balance R&D center outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the Design Foundry offers design interns hands-on, real world experience in all aspects of footwear design and development.

As part of the program, youll have the opportunity to collaborate with a global group of veteran designers, marketers and product developers across the various stages of the design process.

The work will range from real world inline projects to a student portfolio piece that will cover the entire design process, from brief to prototype.

Youll walk away with professional experience, real world insights from industry veterans along with sketches, models and prototypes for your personal portfolio.

Were looking for talented and self-motivated juniors, seniors and recent grads for a one-year apprenticeship. Strong communication skills, along with a demonstrated sketching ability and proficiency with Adobe illustrator, are a must. The Apprenticeship starts in June and runs for a full year.

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We invite you to come to our store and experience the professional fit that only we offer. A highly trained New Balance Fit Specialist will gladly help you find your perfect fit and get you what you need to Make Excellent Happen.

SIGN UP TO RECEIVE FUN RUN UPDATES: Our Schaumburg store is hosting weekly summer fun runs beginning Thursday, May 12 at 6pm. Routes will vary from 3-6 miles, and there will be monthly goodies like popcorn nights. Come out and enjoy Chicago summer in the company of other runners. No RSVP necessary–just show up! Contact the Schaumburg store for more info: (847) 519-7778.

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Visit our store and our Fit Specialists can help you find the best fit for your sport.

Whether youre running marathons, walking around the neighborhood, or simply upping your style, we have an unparalleled selection of footwear in a wide range of sizes and widths. In addition to footwear, we also carry accessories and apparel fit for nearly every activity. No matter what your goals are, our store has the gear youre looking for.

New Balance began in the early 1900s and has grown to become a leading athletic products company.

Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.

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