New Balance 247 Luxe Shoes, Alternative to Pantofel

Wearing sneakers to the office is common for office men. Of course this fashion style must be adjusted to the office dress code. If you work in a bank and property then a loafer is the best choice to look super professional. However, if your office applies a smart casual dress code, it is fine to wear a shirt, chino pants and sneakers. Actually, what kind of shoes are suitable for use in the office? Shoes made of canvas like sneakers can seem too casual, but also lazy if you have to wear loafers every day because it makes you seem too formal. Is there or not, shoes that are “in between” – casual but still neat? Yes, those are New Balance 247 Luxe shoes!
Recently, New Balance launched a new collection of New Balance 247, namely New Balance 247 Luxe! This New Balance shoe collection has a design that is more contemporary and less sporty than other New Balance shoes. New Balance 247 Luxe is made of leather so it looks elegant, can complement your appearance when you want to appear formal or smart casual. At the front of the new New Balance shoes are air circulation holes so that your feet always feel cool and comfortable working inside or outside the office.
White, brown and black are the three colors of New Balance 247 Luxe shoes that we recommend for you to wear to the office. The reason is that these three colors are neutral so that it will be easier for you to mix and match work clothes. Your appearance still looks professional, not too colorful.

New Balance 247 Luxe shoes are made of leather, which means they are heavy? Don’t be mistaken! The new New Balance shoes are created with the innovative REVlite center sole so that it is 30% lighter than other shoes, while still maintaining its quality.