The History of New Balance 574 and Its Latest Release This Year

New Balance 574 – was designed and produced since 1988. However, until now it remains popular among rubber-soled shoes lovers, especially sporty models. Athletic impression, relaxed, but still comfortable to use. And, one of the most important, the 574 model is often modified with bright colors.

This time newbalanceoutlet.cc will review the history of 574, as well as what’s new about the iconic New Balance sneakers.

It’s no secret that adidas and Nike have dominated the modern sneakers market. However, New Balance is able to maintain itself firmly in the sports shoe market game.

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Even New Balance has been recognized by fans because it has succeeded in making comfortable and quality sneakers. It is proven that they have been in this business for more than 100 years. Some of the sneakers silhouettes produced have also become world fashion icons.

New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley. The company’s initial name was New Balance Arch Support Company. Riley is an Irish immigram living in Boston, Massachusetts. Riley made shoes inspired by the hens walking in his backyard.

In 1927, Riley recruited a salesman named Arthur Hall, who eventually became New Balance’s partner in 1934. At that point, New Balance produced sneakers for the first time.


The demands of production and employees that are getting bigger make them unable to manage the company. Finally in 1956, Arthur Hall sold the New Balance company to his daughter Eleanor and husband, Paul Kidd. Since then New Balance has gotten bigger.

Going back to the history of New Balance 574. In 1988, New Balance made the 574 model. These sneakers were originally designed for tennis, but later developed into athletic shoes.

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Now, the 574 model sneakers are actually casual shoes. High comfort and stability make the 574 a popular sneaker, even outside the sports arena.

Many professional marathon runners in the 1980s competed and trained with the 574. The legendary runner who wore the 574 at the time was Dick Beardsley. He finished second at the Boston Marathon.

Dick helped New Balance 574 to become popular with runners. The New Balance 574 is a sneaker that has many historical records, prestigious because it is related to the stories of professional athletes. And, nowadays they are iconic sneakers, which are loved by people.


The new variant of New Balance 574 sneakers will be released in summer 2020. This time it comes with a brown and cream color combination, with green and red details. ENCAP technology is embedded in the midsole of these new sneakers, so that the wearer feels comfortable, stable and reduces shocks. These sneakers can be purchased online.